Sonic Frontiers Screenshot
Image: SEGA

With two back-to-back positive showings at both Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, the hype for Sonic Frontiers is building. And one curious attendee at last week's TGS approached Sega to find out just how the game will run. And it sounds like Sega is targeting 720p and 30fps on Switch for the blue blur's open-zone game.

Shared on ResetEra and My Nintendo News, the attendee — @tadanohi — posted the results of his chat with the representatives at the Sonic booth. Given Sonic's focus on speed, the lower resolution and frame rate — which potentially applies in both docked and undocked mode — might be a disappointment to some. However, this information hasn't officially been confirmed by Sega.

Here's the tweet alongside a machine translation from Google:

"I asked the developer at the Sonic booth, but it seems that the target values for each model of Sonic Frontier's resolution and frame rate are as follows.
・PS5 → 4K & 30fps / Full HD & 60fps
・PS4 → Full HD & 30fps
・Switch → 720p & 30fps"

Sonic's last 3D adventure on Switch, Sonic Forces, is also 30fps and 720p in both docked and undocked, so it's perhaps not a huge surprise that Sega is targeting the same with Frontiers. We'll have to wait for the company to clarify before we make a speedy judgement!

Sonic Frontiers launches on 8th November. Have you decided where you'll be exploring the Starfall Islands? Let us know in the comments!

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