Eggbug loves you
Image: Hell Labs

There's a new social media platform on the block called Cohost, and this one has one up on Twitter: It has rich text and html support.

What does that mean? It means posts like this:

2022 07 22 15 31 27 Cohost!
Image: @geometric on Cohost

That's not an image! That's a bunch of scrollable boxes nested inside one another! Why would you make that? WHY NOT!

Anyway, the point of all this is that people have already figured out how to code a playable, collaborative version of Pokémon Blue in a social media post. It's not just any version of Pokémon Blue, either — it has a few secrets, one of which has already been found. For even more context, it's Eggbug, the mascot of Cohost, whom everyone loves very much because of his rotundity and general demeanour.

Screenshot 2022 07 22 05 49 01
Image: Hell Labs

Fun things that this playable Pokémon can do:

  • Click the speaker on the Game Boy Color Egg Bug Cohost to enable the synced sound in another tab
  • Click the screen to save a screenshot
  • Play outside of Cohost by clicking on this link
  • Discover secrets by speaking to the old man in Viridian City for more info on a "new friend" (that's probably Eggbug)
  • See a special message in the Hall of Fame (which they haven't got to yet, but they're racing through it)

Cohost links don't embed on the site, probably because they're kinda chaotic, but you can take a look at the post here. Better hurry, though — they're already at the Vermilion Gym!