Rick Astley
Image: Rick Astley

Pop legend Rick Astley has sold around 40 million records globally and has unintentionally spawned one of the most annoying memes on the planet, but the question on everyone's lips (well, maybe just ours) has to be: "what's his favourite video game?"

Turns out that Rick has excellent taste because his favourite game is GoldenEye 007 on the N64. Speaking to Metro back in 2021 (sorry, we only just spotted this thanks to Daniel Major's recent retweet), Astley – whose hits include "Together Forever", "Whenever You Need Somebody" and, of course, the legendary "Never Gonna Give You Up" – was asked about this all-time fave video game, and replied:

My ultimate would have to be GoldenEye 007, the James Bond game for the N64. That game was just phenomenal. It’s probably primitive by today’s standards but when you used the telescopic sight with the sniper rifle — wow!

He also explains that he didn't really get into video games until Doom came along:

It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I really got hooked on a game and it was Doom.

In the recording studio we had Mac computers that we could really power up to run audio gear. But the only real reason we all had one was so that we could play Doom.

We had some great speakers and monitors with the computer going through them. Sometimes I’d be in there late at night on my own with the lights down and then this monster would come out of nowhere and blast through the speakers. I’d be like, ‘Oh, s***!’

Speaking of GoldenEye 007, it seems like we might be seeing a revival of some kind this year.

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