Sega Sapporo
Image: SEGA

Sega, the video game company behind Sonic the Hedgehog and the Yakuza series, has established a new studio in Sapporo, Japan. It's been set up in response to the rapid expansion of the games industry and will be Sega's second development base in the country.

According to the official website, 'Sega Sapporo' is made up of locally hired staff and will mainly focus on designing, developing and debugging game software related to Sega's IP.

Sega Sapporo is led by president and CEO Takaya Segawa, who began his career at Sega in 1992 as a designer, and was previously the chief producer of Phantasy Star Online 2.

Here's a statement from Segawa about the new studio:

"Under the policy of continuing to take on the challenge of creating even more innovative content and providing the world with new and exciting experiences, we will use the know-how that Sega has accumulated over its long history to participate in the development of entertainment that we will present to the world from the attractive city of Sapporo"

Sega Sapporo is now seeking full-time and part-time employees to work across various fields. You can read more over on the official website.

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