Yes this is LEGO Star Wars, but it captures our reaction to this news
Image: Lucasfilm Games

It's our fate as Switch owners to endure a 'mixed' time with third-party games. It's not all bad though, and if you're a Star Wars fan we have LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Star Wars: Hunters on the way, on top of all the retro re-releases we've had in recent years.

Are there more on the horizon? Maybe. It's been confirmed today that Respawn Entertainment is producing three Star Wars titles to be published by EA. It developed the excellent (albeit slightly rushed and buggy) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and that has a sequel on the way - rumours have abounded that it'll be revealed in a showcase in the coming months. In addition, though, the studio is also working on a first-person shooter in the IP.

Finally there'll be a Star Wars strategy game with development led by new studio Bit Reactor, with oversight from Respawn. This is an interesting one as Bit Reactor was formed by Firaxis veterans, including senior staff with a track record in earlier Civilisation and XCOM titles.

So, can we hope for any of these on Switch? The Jedi Fallen Order sequel is likely a big no, as we never even had a hint at the original coming to Switch. Its use of Unreal Engine and its issues running on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also help to rule it out. In terms of the first-person shooter there may be some chance; we've had an albeit disappointing port of Apex Legends on Switch, for example.

The best chance we may have could be the strategy game, a genre that lends itself relatively well to scaling down to various systems. We've had some major strategy games ported to Nintendo's system, and we also have the upcoming Marvel's Midnight Suns on the way.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for further details; no doubt there'll be reveals and more details later this year.

Which of these Star Wars projects are you most excited about?