LEGO Kirby

LEGO Ideas is a place where fan-created LEGO sets — called MOCs, or "My Own Creation", by LEGO fans — can be submitted for a chance to become reality. It's where we got sets like the recent Home Alone build, the typewriter, and plenty more TV tie-ins like Central Perk from Friends, the Seinfeld apartment, and 123 Sesame Street.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of fan suggestions revolve around video games. LEGO has made Minecraft sets in the past, and more recently, that fancy tech-enabled Super Mario line, but in general, Nintendo-themed sets don't seem to make it past LEGO's tough final step: an official committee.

Perhaps that could change for this Kirby set, which features the lil pink guy's Dream Land and a whole host of pals, from Waddle Dee and Meta Knight to King Dedede himself.

And sure, it's hard to recreate "orb with face" in LEGO's distinctly not-orb-shaped bricks, but with the use of a rounded plate with Kirby's face printed on it, orb-like features can be achieved! Much like the Kirby Nendoroid, these faceplates can be swapped out for new ones to represent other Kirby activities like enemy-sucking, enemy-eating, and shock.

If you want to see this set become reality, go to the LEGO Ideas website and vote for it!

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