Switch and Pizza
What a tasty combo. — Image: Nintendo / Polina Tankilevitch, Pexels

There aren't many things in life better than gaming and pizza, and that's exactly what popular pizza chain Domino's is offering to new employees in Australia.

The perks are being offered up to one lucky new worker in a bid to get more people applying for jobs; Australia's 9Now news network reports that companies are "doing whatever they can" to combat a worker shortage across the country and that Domino's alone has around 7,000 jobs to fill.

Speaking to 9Now, Domino's' David Burness said, "We're actually offering, for one of our successful applicants, they'll win a Nintendo Switch and free pizza for a year, so whoever that person is they're going to be very popular with their mates."

"Most of them would be part-time or casual at this stage but we've got a really strong principle of promoting within," he said.

We don't know about you, but a Switch and free pizza sounds pretty great to us. We've no idea what the pay, the actually important benefits, the job security, or the levels of respect and care given to employees is like at the company, but hey – Switch and a pizza!

If you know anyone in Australia looking for a job, maybe send them this way. But please remember to maybe look into some of those other job aspects, too!

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