The Switch has a handful of excellent music rhythm games with various hooks and game styles that shake things up. Overpass: Rhythm Roadtrip - published by Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and developed by Studio Bean - is aiming to make its own mark on the genre, targeting a release on Switch and other platforms in 2022.

As you can see in the trailer it goes for a slightly different approach, with the viewpoint dreamily gazing out of the window of a car - it's all in the name, to be fair. Symbols for inputs are blended into the environment, which will hopefully be easy to parse and see when actually playing, though that is also part of the challenge; you can see some official details below.

  • Drive through a score-chasing rhythm game with a unique perspective
  • Explore 8 global regions and over 30 hand-crafted tracks
  • Bounce, cruise, and chill with an original synthwave soundtrack by Makeup and Vanity Set
  • Navigate branching paths to design your own playlist for each adventure
  • Perfect your scores or go for a marathon road trip to truly test your endurance
  • Adapt your play experience by changing the music speed, input timing, marker location, and more

We rather like the look of it; if you have an Xbox you can also download a demo until 21st December as part of the [email protected] Winter Game Fest.

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