The Switch isn't short of charming pixel-based games, but nevertheless Fishing Paradiso could be an interesting arrival when it lands in early 2022. Previously released on mobile and apparently boasting over a million downloads - with pretty strong user reviews too - it's an 'angling RPG' with some lovely visuals and a rather quirky setting.

The setting is Heaven, immediately lining up all sorts of fantastical locations and scenarios. Beyond fishing and creating your ideal home there's a plot and side stories to work through; below is part of the official description along with some screens.

With the help of a mystical gadget known as the “skyPhone,” life after death couldn’t be more convenient. With the push of a button, our hero can teleport between the game’s various fishing spots, upgrade his rod, review his fish collection, and even keep in touch with the many denizens of the afterlife he encounters on his adventure. This really IS the good life!

By forging relationships with these characters, players can unlock little scenes and side-stories for each in addition to the main plot. With more than twenty different characters to befriend, ranging from an anthropomorphic cat, to a flirtatious lumberjack, to a reformed gangster, and even a mythical kappa, they’re certainly an eclectic bunch!

There'll apparently also be an 'all-new' feature for the Switch and Steam versions, though the tease doesn't give any details.

In any case it could be one to watch - let us know what you think in the comments.