If you're looking for a new speedrunning platformer challenge, Aeon Drive might be just the ticket.

The game dashed onto the Switch eShop yesterday, bringing 100 cyberpunk-themed levels of speedrunning madness along for the ride. The press release describes it as "the ultimate action-packed challenge", and while you might want to wait for our review to see if that really is the case, the gameplay shown in the trailer above certainly shows a lot of promise.

Aeon Drive stars Jackelyne, a space ranger desperate to get home. Armed with a power sword and teleportation dagger, Jackelyne must dash through the neon-infused metropolis of Neo Barcelona, using time and space-bending abilities to find all the drive cores to fix her ship - and save the city from doom.

These powers will help you in two gameplay modes: story mode, for solo players or up to four players in co-op; and competitive PvP, which features up to four players head-to-head. Aeon Drive’s co-op and PvP modes support local multiplayer at launch, with online multiplayer coming in a free update later this year. The game’s Discord and Twitter integration and global leaderboards let players compete with friends and fellow speedsters from across the globe.

A second, animated trailer for the game was also released yesterday to celebrate the game's launch. It doesn't show off any more gameplay, but feel free to give it a watch if you're interested in picking the game up:

As mentioned above, we're working on getting a review ready for you as soon as we can so make sure to keep checking back to read our final verdict. The game's available on the eShop right now for £10.99 / $14.99.