Update: Skystone Games and Stonebot Studio have confirmed that The Last Friend is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on September 30th, 2021. As you can see from the story below, it was originally supposed to be with us in 2019.

A special free demo of the final game - The Last Friend: First Bite - is coming soon to Steam, Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch.

Original Story [Thu 31st May, 2018 10:45 BST]: Stonebot Studio has announced that its upcoming beat 'em up and tower defence mash up The Last Friend is headed to the Nintendo Switch early next year.

The game’s storyline follows the aftermath of a worldwide chemical war that few humans survive. The remaining humans are divided into two groups - Survivors and Mutants - who are essentially the goodies and the baddies. Players will take control of a protagonist who owns a mobile shelter, caring for their canine friends – especially now that dogs have become a food source for the mutants!

The Last Friend must keep hordes of these mutants at bay using an array of traps, turrets, and his very own fists, balancing attack and defence tactics to defend the dog shelter and effectively save the last remaining puppies on the planet.

Here's a list of the game's features to check out:

- Dynamic comic style and animations
- Nostalgic feeling that echoes classic arcade Beat’em-ups
- Each rescued dog shares a unique trait with our hero, which then can be equipped as a perk to improve his skills.
- Features fast-paced fight mechanics, the real essence of a Beat ’em-up game – from basic dodges, grabs and jabs, to special attacks and combos. Equip your characters with different perks to channel their skills and customize your fighting style.
- A multi-tasking experience that merges strategy and action for all those dog-lover players out there!

Of course, no information of exact release dates or pricing has been revealed with the launch still being several months away, but this could well be one to keep an eye on.

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