Nintendo Switch OLED
Image: Nintendo

Alongside the release of Metroid Dread next month, Nintendo will be releasing its brand new Switch OLED model.

This slightly updated system has a new screen, a wider kickstand and a number of other minor enhancements. Although it's been available for pre-order in the west for some time now, Nintendo has only just locked in pre-order dates for the Japanese launch.

Fans within this location will be able to pre-order the new system at video game stores, Nintendo stores and online stores later this month on 24th September for 37,980 yen.

When pre-orders for the new system originally went live in the US, it didn't take long before scalpers were listing the device on sites like eBay for much higher prices. If you're still deciding whether or not to purchase the OLED model on release yourself, be sure to check out our handy Nintendo Life pre-order guide.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model launches in all regions, including Japan, on 8th October 2021.

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