It's been quite the wait for Switch fans – Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom first released on PS4 back in March 2018 – but the chance to see Level 5's acclaimed RPG on Nintendo's system has finally arrived.

Technically released as the 'Prince's Edition' on Switch, the game tells the story of Evan Pettwhisker Tildrum, a kid who lost his promised throne in the kingdom of Ding Dong Dell and sets himself on a quest to establish a new kingdom.

The Prince's Edition gives Switch owners the chance to play through the main game as well as some additional DLC, as listed below:

- Adventure Pack. This pack contains new outfits and items along with the Faraway Forest Cave random dungeon as well as new foes threatening Evan’s kingdom

- The Lair of the Lost Lord in which Evan will embark on an extraordinary quest in a new world. New items, equips and a new dungeon, Labyrinth, are also included in the DLC

- The Tale of a Timeless Tone. During a dream, Evan meets a rabbit-headed man who calls himself the “Conductor”. Players will explore Evan’s dream and find the truth behind all this. New content is also included along with the Solosseum Slog dungeon.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

We shared our full review of the game just yesterday, calling it "an excellent action-RPG that's arrived on Switch in a fantastic, feature-packed port." If you're yet to pick it up, we'd urge you to give that a read and then treat yourself to a copy if it seems like it could be for you.

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