Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert
Image: Capcom

The Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert has been held annually in Japan since way back in 2009, and now it's been confirmed that this year's event will once again be an online performance. While it's disappointing for concert-goes in Japan, of course, the pleasing news is that fans will be able to watch it globally.

Performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, the music will combine with visuals inspired by the games; unsurprisingly Monster Hunter Rise will have a specific focus this year. There'll be guest performances as well:

It is decided that guest vocals include Hideki Ishigaki (Shakuhachi) and Momoka Enomoto (Biwa) who also participated in the recording of "Monster Hunter Rise", as well as Izumi Kato who performed a wonderful singing voice in the game. In addition, Sho Asano (Tsugaru Shamisen) and Daisuke Miyazaki (Guitar) will also appear, and the gorgeous guests will color the world of Monster Hunter. Ryozo Tsujimoto, the producer of the "Monster Hunter" series, will also appear as a talk guest, making the orchestra concert more interesting than ever.

The concert will be live on 28th September at 7pm JST, which is 3am Pacific / 6am Eastern / 11am UK / noon CEST, though the archive of the stream will then be available until 11th October for those that want to watch it at a more convenient time.

As it's replacing in-person concerts this won't be free but has online tickets available globally. A ticket can be bought from this official website, and in our case it shows a UK price of £19.95.

Are you tempted to buy a ticket for this show?