With less than a month to go until launch, Nintendo has released a brand new overview trailer for Metroid Dread. And yes, it still looks incredible.

You can check it out for yourself above; you'll find plenty of gameplay and action to enjoy, as well as a more detailed look at how the two new amiibo will work in-game. The video has been released alongside the latest edition of the Metroid Dread report, which this time explores Chozo history.

The Chozo were a highly intelligent and technologically advanced bird-like species who believed their purpose to be that of bringing peace throughout the galaxy. However, this once-mighty civilization eventually reached a breaking point and collapsed. Now, the Chozo who remain tend to avoid the galactic spotlight.

Metroid Dread

As you'll spot in the trailer, Samus will be fighting against the Chozo this time around, and there are a few variants you'll need to keep on top of:

A powerful and mysterious Chozo warrior suddenly attacks Samus. Its right arm is equipped with an Arm Cannon, just like Samus. This figure is much larger than Samus and other Chozo Soldiers, and it easily overpowers Samus in combat .

Chozo Soldiers are equipped with a weapon that looks like a long spear. The trailer shows they are highly capable fighters, with one scene showing them locked in fierce combat with Samus.

Samus must also face these combat robots created using advanced Chozo technology. They are powerful forces to be reckoned with, capable of high-speed movement and armed with an electromagnetic blade as well as an Arm Cannon that fires projectiles.

Excited to check out Metroid Dread next month? The game launches on 8th October and can already be pre-ordered here.

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