For every game that sets out its stall as an action platformer with pixel-based visuals there's the challenge of trying to stand out from the crowd. Another that'll aim to do that next year (Q2) is Last Soul, the work of Canadian studio WULUM with publishing by Bonus Stage.

It actually has an imminent Kickstarter campaign (which the video above is also teasing) but the latest press release highlights the publishing deal, confirms the game for Switch and various platforms while pitching the crowdfunding as primarily being for 'pre-orders and early fan bonuses'.

It looks quite fun in the trailer, throwing in some neat mechanics to boost the action; you can see some of its pitch below.

Last Soul is an action-packed shooting platformer headlining BOP, the last remaining soul on earth fighting against Cyber-Being. You play as the cute but powerful BOP and in addition to all the regular mechanics, your jetpack, shields, and bullet time pack some real punch against the evil forces trying to destroy even the last of the remaining souls.

The vast world of Last Soul is inspired by Star Wars, Tron Legacy, Mario, Sonic and Megaman, Neon Abyss, and all that can be seen in the graphics and felt in the soundtrack. The perfectly sci-fi-retro music is balanced with an equally great story.

If you fancy trying it there's also a 'Prologue' demo available on Steam.

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