NIS America continues to bring some intriguing games to the Switch, and a JRPG from the publisher that's definitely on our radar is MONARK, which has developers with history in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise working on the project. Due in early 2022, it has a new trailer (above) that introduced ally characters along with some new footage.

You awaken in an academy, met by your allies as implied by this cutscene, and you seemingly have alternative identities for the 'Otherworld' as you try to keep EGO and madness in check.

Who will stand by you in the face of madness? Meet your allies in MONARK, and be sure to keep them close as you traverse between the real world and the warped reaches of the Otherworld!

It certainly looks stylish, and no doubt there'll be plenty more trailers and details teased in the coming months ahead of release.

Do you like the look of this?