When you say 'Tim Burton' many minds drift to a very distinctive film-making style, and perhaps to his animated movies in particular. It's a cool look, and it's cited as a source of inspiration for JARS - developed by Mousetrap Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment, and now confirmed for a 20th October release on Switch eShop.

Don't make the mistake we did and watch the video with sound off, because initially we couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. It makes sense with the description though - you strategically place resources and minions, and then manage them as they move around the multi-level map trying to break jars and defeat enemies.

In the musty depths of his parent’s basement, young Victor tries to discover the secrets buried beneath his house. Why are there pages missing from this mysterious book and whatever is Dracula doing down there? On his bizarre adventure Victor will come face to face with nasty creatures, hiding in the shadows, and will have to keep them away from the Sarcophagus.

JARS is a strategy game with puzzles and tower defense elements. In order to reach their goal, players will have to break the jars littering the cellar. What waits inside of them is always different, making the reveals exciting and forcing the players to adapt to ever changing levels. The grim yet endearing, hand-drawn art style gives JARS a distinct look and is inspired by the animated movies of Tim Burton and Studio Laika.

It looks interesting, and a demo will be part of Steam Next Fest in early October if you have a capable machine.

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