Ruin Raiders Key Art Final

The Switch has some absolute gems in the turn-based tactics genre, from big-hitting triple-A efforts right down to smart Indie games. Another hoping to join in is Ruin Raiders - developed by Overpowered Team, this adopts a bit of a roguelite approach alongside animal heroes.

Strangely the trailer above lists PlayStation and Xbox platforms [Update: that trailer has been removed, potentially to fix this; we'll ask the publisher for clarification], but the press release repeatedly emphasizes that this title is heading to Switch and PC on 14th October, so we'll take their word for it. Some of its PR pitch is below.

Explore an unpredictable and ever-changing labyrinth in Ruin Raiders. Lead expeditions of animals on a one-way trip into the labyrinthine depths of a mysterious structure rumored to hold untold riches. Outfit squads with an armory of weapons, stat and skill-boosting upgrades, and items to fight against the strange automatons and creatures lurking underground.

Engage in tactical, turn-based battles where positioning is as key as dealing damage. Use animal-specific abilities to gain an edge in combat. Rhinos can boost their armor rating while Dogs can focus fire for a guaranteed hit. Flank foes to give allies overwatch support and lob grenades from cover at unsuspecting enemies to survive the myriad horrors that lie below.

Survival isn’t the only option. If a squad isn’t able to reach the ruin’s final floor, there’s still hope. Return to the base camp to unlock structures that supply upgrades, additional character slots, and more to give the next crew a better chance. Uncover blueprints to forge powerful weapons and attachments that persist from one run to the next. Experiment with an array of team configurations and push onward to overcome this challenging roguelite experience.

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