Super Mario Bros. 1993
Image: Allstar/Cinetext/Allied Filmmakers

Last week, Nintendo finally lifted the lid on the cast for the upcoming Super Mario movie, with Chris Pratt's casting as Mario raising a few eyebrows.

As you might expect, John Leguizamo - who played Luigi in the 1993 live-action Mario movie – has some words to say about this topic, too. Taking to Twitter, Leguizamo hit out at the lack of variety when it came to the main cast while celebrating the "groundbreaking colour-blind casting" of the 1993 version (which he incorrectly says is the 'original', which seems to suggest he thinks this new film is a reboot). He then adds that he's the "only one who knows how to make this movie work" in terms of script.

Given that the upcoming film has the likes of Jack Black, Seth Rogan, and Anya Taylor-Joy joining Pratt, you could argue that Leguizamo has a point. However, African-American actors Keegan Michael-Key and Kevin Michael Richardson are also involved, albeit in more minor roles, so it's not really a fair complaint.

Bob Hoskins – who played Mario alongside Leguizamo's Luigi back in 1993 – sadly passed away in 2014.