Gamescom is right around the corner - in normal times it's one of the most prominent global gaming events, attended by hundreds of thousands of eager gamers. It's online-only this year, though, which can make it harder for some smaller games to get noticed as they can't catch eyes on the show floor.

One that dropped into our inbox recently is Soup Raiders, a game we missed on covering up to now but is heading to Switch alongside PC / Linux. Developed by Team KwaKwa, it has an eye-catching visual style (with animation that rather brings Sable to mind), and features some rather fun real-time strategy gameplay. You can see a teaser at the top of this article, but if new footage or a trailer emerges during Gamescom we'll be sure to share that here.

It'll comprise of an open world "with 10 main islands and smaller ones for loot".

Soup Raiders is a wacky and fun tactical RPG with a real time battle system where pirate and merchent animals fight each other and the world is in a soup. Liberate the Western Soup from the grasps of Mr. Whale.

There's no release window yet, but if one emerges in the coming days we'll be sure to share it.

It strikes us as the sort of small game that would catch our attention and lure us in while walking around the show floor; in these online-only times it's nice to see it, nonetheless.

Let us know what you think of Soup Raiders; is it one to watch?