As we've come to expect there were a few neat surprises in the Gamescom Opening Night Live showcase, and one that came right out of left-field for Nintendo Switch was JUMANJI: The Curse Returns; it arrives on PC very soon on 1st September, with Switch being the only console at present and planned for later this year. It's worth noting it's based on the original film from 1995, not the more recent entries in the franchise.

It's been developed by Marmalade Game Studio, which specialises in 'digital board game' releases, including games like The Game of Life 2. So, rather than an action experience, this is a virtual board game that you can play with up to three others locally or online.

JUMANJI: The Curse Returns brings up to 4 players together to take on the game and face the creatures and plants it sends into our world. You’ll be working as a team to reach the center of the board in order to save the town of Brantford from invasive jungle wildlife.

In JUMANJI: The Curse Returns, gameplay follows a simple format; roll the dice, read the riddles, and prepare to face the dangers Jumanji will unleash. For every round there’s a time limit, keeping gameplay moving from start to finish. Cooperation is key. Match the right items in the right moments, manage token power-ups and apply bonus abilities to banish a danger in a single move!

You’ll win or lose together, so you’ll be cooperating with your friends from the start. Whether you’re facing a stampede, or a combination of crocodiles, piranhas and the hunter, Van Pelt, you’ll need teamwork to make it to the center of the board.

Based on the Steam pricing it should be quite affordable when it eventually lands on Switch - its PC price will be £12.99 / $12.99 / €12.99.

Is this one you're looking forward to trying out with family and friends?