RedDeerGames has shared some brand new screenshots for 7 Horizons, a hand-drawn platformer heading to Switch later this year.

As we heard back in May, the game's aiming to offer 'Rayman meets Mega Man' gameplay along with a comic book-style approach to its visuals. In a new statement shared with press, RedDeerGames' creative director Dominik Czarniga says, "7 Horizons is all about original hand-drawn, beautiful worlds. We wanted to create diverse landscapes, with an emphasis on the Marvel-style comic character of the drawings, but at the same time maintaining a cosmic atmosphere."

Those worlds, which you'll be able to visit as the game's protagonist, Jelly, include the Scorching Wasteland, Frosty Labyrinth, and the Garden of Worlds. You can check them out in the new screens below:

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