A rather beautiful looking puzzle platformer that's been on our radar is Out of Line, from developer Nerd Monkeys and publisher Hatinh Interactive.

It was originally confirmed for late June but seemed to slip slightly, but the good news is that it's out right now on the Switch eShop in Europe; it's got a 10% launch discount so it'll cost €9,89 / £8.90 for the next couple of weeks. It's coming a little later to the eShop in North America, however, confirmed to arrive in that region on 18th August.

It's certainly eye-catching, and you can see some of the developer's pitch and game details from the press release below.

Out of Line is an intelligent and poetic quest for identity told through a collection of interactive masterpieces,” says Francisco Santos, Lead Artist at Nerd Monkeys. “It pushes artistic innovation beyond pixels, inviting players to relax and reflect as they guide San toward liberty.”

Gameplay in Out of Line has been fully adapted to Nintendo’s Switch and revolves around San’s mysterious spear of light, which can be used as a springboard, lever, foothold, tether and more. Puzzles become increasingly complex toward later sections of the game, encouraging players to experiment and think outside the box in order to escape the Factory and reclaim San’s independence.

If you're in Europe let us know in the comments if you're tempted to pick this up, or indeed if it's going on your NA wishlists.