Voxels! It's what's good for ya. They're basically 3D pixels, sort of; big chunky blocks like what Minecraft is made of, as well as Bonfire Peaks, a game about setting fire to your belongings.

Wait, setting fire to your belongings? Yuuup. In Bonfire Peaks, you're climbing a mysterious island ruin, and along the way you'll have to burn a lot of stuff. Why? BECAUSE THE GAME SAID SO. If we started questioning everything a video game ever told us to do, we'd probably never have time to write all these lovely news posts you adore.

But Bonfire Peaks' voxels are rather gorgeous, look:

The character and player animations are done by Zach Soares, who's currently working on Moonglow Bay, which was in the Wholesome Direct a while back. Developer Corey Martin is doing a fair chunk of the rest of the work himself, with puzzle master Alan Hazelden helping with design, and artist Mari Khaleghi helping with environment art.

Bonfire Peaks will come to Switch eShop on the 30th of September, as well as PC and Playstation 4 & 5.