Sometimes a good old fashioned heist makes for great entertainment, whether in movies or games. Heist Simulator is pretty clear in its goal to give you the tools and means for a variety of quirky, humorous and downright clever criminal enterprises.

Published by No More Robots and developed by SkyBagel and RogueCode, this is a game where you go through the planning and execution phase of various elaborate heists. It'll have a big focus on user content, too, with full creation and sharing tools opening up varied possibilities.

And with full level creation and level sharing tools available to all players, it's a safe bet that there'll always be new jobs to crack. Creating that perfect heist you've always dreamed of is now within your grasp.

Whether it's action-packed heists, stealthy campaigns, puzzle-based setups, narrative jobs, escape the room style ordeals... the tools available as part of Heist Simulator allow for a whole host of different types of heist to be created and shared.

There will also be a campaign when it launches first on Steam and Google Stadia later this year, which will continually expand with free updates ahead of a planned Switch release. If you have a decent machine, meanwhile, you can jump in and try the Heist Simulator Playtest on Steam right now.

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