Digerati and developer Open House Games have announced that A Tale of Paper is headed to Switch and other platforms later this year.

The game is a puzzle-platformer featuring a protagonist made out of paper; this quirky trait allows you to take on different forms as you explore and progress, such as a paper plane which lets you fly across gaps or an origami frog with a super-high jump.

It originally launched as a PS4 exclusive last year, but this new edition will come with three all-new prequel chapters starring a brand new character, as well as the base game. You can see the platforming for yourself in the trailer above, and here's a handy feature list:

- Paper shape transformations: Jump high as an origami frog! Turn into a paper plane and soar! Discover seven forms, each with its own pros and cons
- A small hero in a big world: Overcome challenges, solve puzzles, and escape danger as you journey across beautifully crafted environments
- A narrative without text: Explore each level and find hidden collectibles to unveil the heartfelt story behind A Tale of Paper
Discover bonus chapters: Complete the main adventure and unlock three prequel chapters, with a new character, new abilities, and new challenges

A Tale of Paper is currently scheduled to launch in "Q3/Q4 2021". If you're liking the look of this one, make sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.