It's going to be a while before we can tell you our thoughts on The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which comes out after a six-year wait on the 27th of July. But, thanks to this six-minute gameplay trailer, we can say that we're incredibly excited to meet Ryunosuke Naruhodo, Phoenix Wright's nervous ancestor, who objects to contradictions by saying "Yes!", and his pal Herlock Sholmes, who is named Herlock Sholmes.

Of course, nearly six minutes of in-game footage will potentially ruin story twists, so don't watch it unless you aren't too bothered about the minor reveals, or unless you have a brain like a sieve.

For those of you who want to remain pristine and pure for your first playthrough of the game, here's a spoiler-free summary of the trailer:

In Court

Scuse Me
Image: Capcom
  • Much like past Ace Attorney games, you'll be penalised for incorrect guesses, with five "lives" to lose
  • The evidence that you have in the Court Record can be examined in detail to discover clues
  • The "Present" and "Press" features return in TGAA's cross-examinations
  • Witnesses will often be on the stand at the same time as other witnesses
  • Sometimes witnesses who aren't speaking will react to the testimony of others, and you can use a new feature, "Pursue", to expose their potential objections
  • You'll be expected to have examined the evidence yourself, so the judge will ask you to present exact proof of your claims by pointing out areas on the evidence
  • Because much of this game is set in England, there is a jury, and you'll have to convince them as well as the judge
  • "Press" and "Pursue" can also be used on the jurors


Chips Man
Image: Capcom
  • Investigations rely on "Move", "Examine", "Present", and "Converse", an old-timey replacement of the usual "Talk"
  • Herlock Sholmes will help you out on occasion with his "Logic and Reasoning Spectacular", although it's not... entirely clear what that is yet
  • Susato, your Maya-like assistant, will help you go through the facts in order to expose new information

There are quite a few lovely historical details to notice too, from the dungeon-like jail cell that replaces the Detention Center to the plethora of Britishy details on the characters and the backgrounds. One man is pictured brandishing a cone of chips like it's a bouquet of flowers. We love him.

Interestingly, the whole trailer itself is presented on a cinema screen, with rows of seats pointing towards it. Perhaps this is just a stylistic thing, but it could also imply that these scenes are pre-recorded and available to watch in-game. We just don't know!