Publisher gamigo confirmed recently that Trove, the free-to-play MMO with a familiar cubey aesthetic, is Nintendo Switch-bound and will be arriving "Summer 2021". The game is already available on PlayStation and Xbox, as well as PC, and it has 'over 28 million players' according to the publisher. Not to be sniffed at.

As a massive multiplayer online title that takes heavy inspiration from Minecraft (you've heard of that, right?, you can partake in a variety of online quests and activities with your buddies in the voxel-based sandbox world — including mini-games, puzzles, building, fighting, crafting, trading, and something called Bomber Royale mode.

You can get a good feeling for the overall game, its classes and RPG-style systems in the reveal trailer above. We haven't played the game on other platforms, but it seems that online worlds are generated afresh every time you play, although you can create your own private worlds, fashion them to your liking, and even submit ideas to be considered for integration into the game itself.

It's hardly looking like the most original game to grace the Switch eShop, but then again it is free-to-play — will you be checking it out this summer? Let us know below.