The Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Expansion Pass finally goes beyond pre-order bonuses this week, with Nintendo pitching the add-on towards the end of its E3 Direct. Wave 1 - Pulse of the Ancients lands this week on 18th June, with Wave 2 - Guardian of Remembrance due in November.

As for what Wave 1 gives you, the details are below (and at the end of the trailer above):

  • New playable character - Battle Tested Guardian
  • New weapon types - Flail for Link and Master Cycle for Zelda
  • New 'Apocalyptic' difficulty setting
  • New challenges in the Royal Ancient Lab
  • New tougher enemies - higher ranking Wizzrobes, Giant Chuchu 'and more'

Do you have the expansion pass pre-ordered, or are you tempted to take the plunge?