Remember when Nintendo was so prudish it would censor any game that posed even the slightest chance of offending anyone? Those days are long behind us – for better and for worse – because we're now in the rather unbelievable situation of Nintendo allowing a game with the word 'hentai' in its title to launch on the Switch eShop.

Eastasiasoft and Axyos Games have announced that the action shooter Hentai vs. Evil will arrive on the console on May 27th, priced $9.99 / €9.99. You can get 20 percent off that price if you get in early.

Rated 17+ by the ESRB for 'blood, violence, nudity and sexual themes', Hentai vs. Evil promises a "dash of naughty flavour to spice things up" as you control a selection of anime-style heroes in a "hedonistic action experience" where you'll "make sure no waifu gets left behind!" Ahem.

The eShop certainly isn't a stranger to games with similar themes, as anyone who has played Gal*Gun Returns will tell you, but the use of the term 'hentai' certainly raises some eyebrows. Oxford Languages describes hentai as "a genre of Japanese manga and anime characterized by overtly sexualized characters and sexually explicit images and plots." Hentai vs. Evil does appear to be tamer than its title might suggest – judging from the trailer and screenshots, at least.

Here's the PR:

Sometimes a little zombie killing and demon slaying is all you need, but a dash of naughty flavor to spice things up certainly can’t hurt, right? In Hentai vs. Evil, demons have invaded the city, the suburbs and even the beach, turning the residents into flesh-eating zombies and throwing cute girls into cages. It’s time to stop the madness! Rescue those girls, have them join your ranks as you take down the source of evil in a rain of bullets and look good doing it!

Featuring three playable characters, all customizable to your liking, Hentai vs. Evil offers a hedonistic action experience that prizes freeform fun above all else. Navigate wide open stages on-foot, utilize a variety of weapons to take down your foes, survive by grabbing power-ups and make sure no waifu gets left behind!

- Survive against demons and zombies in free-roaming 3D action!
- Unlock playable characters by rescuing them from cages.
- Customize the girls’ appearances with cute outfits (or less clothing).
- Find and use a variety of weapon types.
- Challenge yourself with alternate play modes!
- Select from multiple difficulty settings.

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