Torchlight 3 Cursed Captain
Image: Perfect World Entertainment / Echtra Games

Torchlight III is one of a number of top-down dungeon crawling hack 'n slash titles on Switch, and certainly counts as a high profile member of that particular club. It's aiming for players old and new with its latest free update, which is out now on Switch and adds some neat-looking content.

The big addition is the 'Cursed Captain' character class; it's described as mid-level and has some neat moves:

Walking the plank between life and death, the Cursed Captain is the undisputed commander of the high seas. This corporeal new class can summon a crew of undead swashbucklers during combat or blast enemies with twin sabers, powder kegs and other classic pirate weapons. Plus, those who take control of the Cursed Captain can collect doubloons from combat to power his skills. The Cursed Captain has two unique skill trees: Cursed and Piracy. Along with these unique skills, the class also introduces a new class-specific armor type to Torchlight III: capes.

The update also adds a new contract along with quality of life improvements, while there are four new pet types (with 40 variations); let's just say they've gone for some rather popular breeds.

Torchlight III is also currently 50% off on the eShop, if you're tempted to jump in.

Let us know in the comments if you'll be trying out this update content.