Kai has no idea what's waiting for her on the strange, isolated island of Mutazione. She knows her sick grandfather is there, and he needs help — but she wasn't prepared for an island of kind, gentle mutants, who've been living here since a meteor struck the town over 100 years ago. Now, Kai must tend to her garden, where the plants she grows may or may not be able to change the course of fate.

Mutazione Release

That's Mutazione in a nutshell, a game that's tender-hearted, but with a dark side. It's been out on PC, PlayStation, and Apple Arcade since 2019, and now it's making its way to Switch. It's an easy sell for anyone who loved the small-town spookies of Night in the Woods and Oxenfree, and we haven't even told you the best news yet.

Garden Mode 4

Mutazione will be coming out on the Nintendo eShop on the 26th of May — that means you don't even have to wait a full week! We love a surprise release, we do.

Oh also, there's a physical release, which comes with a rather lovely botanical poster and a randomly-selected seed card, AND a vinyl soundtrack, too.

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