PQube has now confirmed the western Switch release date for Bustafellows, the "steamy and thrilling" visual novel that first launched in Japan back in 2019.

Thankfully, otome fans don't have long to wait before they get stuck in, as the game will hit the eShop and retail stores on 30th July. The game has you stepping into the shoes of "a strong, smart, and gifted journalist embroiled in a life and death adventure." You'll find yourself jumping back in time – and then into the bodies of other people – to collect clues, press witnesses, and protect your friends.

Here's an official description:

"With romance, mystery, and dangerous relationships, BUSTAFELLOWS follows our heroine, Teuta, a young, independent journalist on a mission to maintain order and justice after the harrowing murder of her brother years ago.

"Become embroiled in a thrilling plot about love, loss, fear, and fortune as you strive to save the life of your friends.

"Use your trusty notepad to record clues and key pieces of information, solve critical puzzles and navigate complex relationships as you journey into this sizzling interactive mystery."

As it turns out, "navigating complex relationships" involves romancing no less than five men including a crooked lawyer, a hitman, and others who sound just as desirable. Every decision you make matters, as your choices can unlock multiple endings and side missions.

The physical edition of the game will launch across Europe and the US, and there's even an exclusive limited edition which comes with all the goodies pictured below.


Interested in this one? Will you be adding it to your wishlist or grabbing a pre-order? Let us know below.

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