Animal Crossing Build A Bear.original
Image: Build-A-Bear

Though the reaction to the eventual Isabelle and Tom Nook Build-A-Bears hasn't been universally positive, plenty of eager fans are still trying to get the cuddly collectibles in their collection. We've had a couple of stock runs in the UK already, and another goes live in the US (and hopefully more broadly North America) later today (3rd May).

As shared by the ever-observant Wario64, the online waiting room to place orders will open on the US-based store today at 13:30 Pacific / 15:30 Central / 16:30 Eastern.

The current live page is here, and we suggest you sign up for email notifications as well to give you the best chance of nabbing a good spot in the online queue.

Let us know if you'll be trying for an Isabelle or Tom Nook, or if you just can't bear the tension and queuing.

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