The Last Cube
Image: Improx Games

Back in the 3DS and Wii U eShop days there was a re-release of a Two Tribes classic called EDGE, in which you 'rolled' a cube around and solved puzzles. Simple, but oddly addictive.

The cube rolling world has come a long way, as developer Improx Games has unveiled The Last Cube, a puzzle adventure that has some similar mechanics but clearly aims to offer a relatively deep experience. In addition to solving puzzles across six large areas "it's also a cosmic adventure through a varied, alien world full of mystery and wonder that draws players from outside the puzzle genre as well."

We think it looks pretty neat, you can see a trailer below.

It's heading to consoles including the Switch later this year, but if you have a half-decent PC there is a demo on Steam.

Let us know if this is on your radar to scratch that cube-rolling itch.