Minecraft Mario
Image: Krickracked

Okay, okay, before we begin, we have to admit: the title isn't totally factual. This Super Mario Bros. video is technically just an animation, programmed into Minecraft through clever use of Command Blocks, and the only interaction you have with it is pressing the "play" button. We're very sorry for the little white lie.

But come on, isn't this cool?! This short little animation by Reddit user u/Krickracked tells an entire story about perseverance, fraternity, and hubris, and though we won't pretend to understand how it was done (because Command Blocks are basically magic, and we only just understand Redstone as long as no one asks us to explain it), we know it's impressive.

Sadly, the closest most of us will ever get to this level of brilliance, but we can always download the Super Mario texture pack on our Wii U version of Minecraft. Sort of the same thing, right?

[source reddit.com]