The Game Boy turns 32 this year, but, unlike most entering their fourth decade on this planet, it has remained surprisingly small. Thankfully, the Grumpy Modeler has decided to change that by forcing Nintendo's handheld to grow up – in more ways than one.

Using a combination of parts – including a 3D-printed case, NES and a bunch of third-party components – the Grumpy Modeler has created the 'Game Man', which also boasts a 5.6-inch full-colour 640x480 LCD screen. While the original Game Boy was hardly the most svelte of handhelds, the Game Man is far too big to fit inside your pocket – unless you've borrowed some trousers from MC Hammer, at least.

Still, it offers TV play via a special cable and certainly looks the part; it's not known if it's now married with three kids or has a mortgage, however.