Fire Emblem approved
Image: Akrenix

Whether you love or hate the Fire Emblem cast in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it seems there's a mod for you.

It turns out the same individual (Akrenix) - who created a mod that removes all things related to Fire Emblem from Nintendo's all-star brawler - has also released one that gets rid of everything except the Fire Emblem characters from the game. It's called 'No, More Fire Emblem!' - here's the full summary:

"The long-awaited sequel is here! If you only like Fire Emblem and don't want to play anyone else, well this mod is just right for you! This time, I have another quote with Sakurai when I made contact with him: "Please stay away from my house or I'll file a restraining order against you and get you arrested!" I didn't know what he meant by that but I just went with it anyways."

With everything else gone, it's rather slim pickings and is smaller than the original Super Smash Bros. roster. To be precise, there are just eight characters and four themed levels remaining. Here's a look:

Of course, if you want to recreate something like this in your own game - you don't have to resort to modding. You could simply bar levels, characters and even disable certain items from your own matches.

These funny mods (in case you don't quite get what's going on here) are all tied to some comments the game's director Masahiro Sakurai made in the past - mentioning how there are too many FE reps. For some though, it's probably still not enough!