Destroy All Humans Web
Image: THQ Nordic

Destroy All Humans! was a bit of a cult-classic on the PS2 and original Xbox, adopting some crude humour, chaotic fun and flipping the script on the whole aliens-attacking-Earth narrative; you play as the aliens, and as the name makes clear you're not there to make friends.

THQ Nordic and developer Black Forest Games gave it the remaster treatment on assorted systems last Summer, and now it's finally making its way to Nintendo Switch with a 29th June release date. It'll have all of the skins and DLC previously released, and will cost €39.99 | $39.99USD | £34.99. Check out the bonkers trailer below to get a taste of what to expect.

In EU and UK (sorry, NA gamers) there'll be two rather pricey special editions too; weirdly the publisher has also given these prices in US dollars despite specifying region restrictions. The Crypto-137 Edition will be a whopping €399.99 | $399.99 | £349.99.

The DNA Collector's Edition will be comparatively cheaper at €149.99 | $149.99USD | £139.99.

Aside from any super fans out there that will buy the limited editions, let us know in the comments if you plan to pick this up for Switch.