Nintendo's systems have attracted their share of board game conversions over the years, and the Switch has been particularly well suited to the genre. It's easy to disregard them, but titles like Monopoly on Switch shift copies, and now we have an established Hasbro property jumping into the fray.

Marmalade Game Studio has confirmed that The Game Of Life 2 arrives on the eShop today, albeit with a relatively premium price of $29.99 / €29.99 / £29.99. It's already available on smart devices and PC, and though most would play something like this in local multiplayer it will support online and cross-platform play.

A straw poll of the Nintendo Life team highlighted that some have kids that play the board game, and others remember it from childhood. Whether it has the same appeal as a Switch game will be something else entirely.

Are you tempted by this 'life simulation'?