Signs of the Sojourner made quite a splash when it first arrived last year on PC. Developed by Echodog Games, we found ourselves taking over our mother's store after her death, travelling to different locations to obtain good for the shop. Offering a narrative experience within a deck-building card game, it's now coming to Switch this month.

Arriving on March 18th, the Switch port is being published by Digerati and features five new characters not previously seen in the PC release.

Outlining Signs of the Sojourner's key features, Digerati revealed just what we can expect:

* Forge new friendships, rivalries, and connections through card game conversations
* Play cards to match the tone and perspective of your partner or try to sell your own point of view
* Make difficult choices – The consequences shape your deck and every conversation that follows
* Meet unforgettable characters and grow alongside them
* Five new characters introduced for the console versions (PC and macOS versions will be updated with the new content to coincide with the console releases)
* Explore the world, but also explore what it means to return home
* Find rare and useful goods to aid your town
* Many possible endings

Here's what Dyala Kattan-Wright, game designer and founder of Echodog Games had to say about the release on Switch:

The Switch is a great match for Signs. The structure of the game works well for being able to pick it up and go, or getting in short sessions between other things. The touch-screen is also a great match and really intuitive for being able to ‘pick up’ and play cards.

Unusually, it's seeing a slightly staggered release across consoles, launching on March 17th for PS4 and March 19th for Xbox One. That all comes with a 20% release discount too, though Sojourner's console pricing is currently unconfirmed.

Considering it reviewed positively on PC, we're hopeful that the Switch port will hold up well.

Did you play Signs of the Sojourner on PC? Looking forward to the Switch release? Share your thoughts in the comments.