Christopher Nolan's movies have a reputation for being somewhat obtuse at times, and his latest magnum opus, Tenet, is no exception. A time-bending epic that befuddled and delighted audiences in almost equal measure last year, Tenet is available on streaming services and physical media – and now, it's even on the Game Boy Advance.

YouTuber Bob Wulff is the man we have to thank for this praiseworthy endeavour. He thought it would be amusing to port the film to a system that made it almost unwatchable – a reaction to Nolan's insistence that people watch Tenet in a cinema (during, you know, a global pandemic). It wasn't the easiest of processes – after all, the GBA is getting on a bit these days and wasn't really built with Nolan's grand cinematic vision in mind – and the end result is perhaps not what the auteur would approve of.

For starters, Wulff has had to carve up the 2-hour, 30-minute movie into five chunks (each contained on a GBA cart with its own custom sticker) and the 4K resolution has dropped down to 192 x 128 – which still looks pretty muddy even on the GBA's modest 240 x 160 display. Oh, and to cap it all off, it runs at 6 frames a second. Eek.

Still, it's fun for a laugh, and you can even download the movie and check it out on a GBA emulator if you fancy making an already incomprehensible movie even harder to watch.