We've got a good selection of horror games on Switch, but one title that never made its way over was Bethesda's The Evil Within, or its sequel. However, JanduSoft might be providing the next best thing, confirming through a new trailer that Evil Inside launches on Nintendo's console on March 25th.

Inspired by Konami's PT (and, by extension, the cancelled Silent Hills), we'll be playing as Mark, a teenager looking after his younger brother after their mother, Rose, was suddenly murdered by their father. Plagued by visions and fears, Mark is searching for fragments of the "Spiritual Board", using these to contact Rose and discover the truth behind her death.

Detailing this further, JanduSoft has released an outline via the eShop:

The whole argument of Evil Inside happens in a mysterious house… or almost everything. Explore Mark’s house that is constantly changing. Slowly the atmosphere will change. Nothing is what it seems. Beat your fears. Face terror and truth. But above all… enjoy a real horror experience.

Everything has been very strange. Why did dad do that? He is now in prison. He was a good person… Something is not right. I need to know the truth… but only she knows. Or she knew it. I need to talk to her, I need to discover the truth. What happened?

You sit on the couch. The situation overcomes you. In a very short time your life has taken a 180º turn. Almost without realizing it, you live alone. In charge of your little brother. You go to the kitchen, a creak. The light blinks suddenly. You are alone, or so you think. To all this, it continues to haunt you not to know the truth, there is nothing clear in this whole story. Something does not add up…

Your biggest fears come true. Loneliness and darkness invade you. What’s going on? That melody…

Currently, Evil Inside is only listed on the North American eShop, costing $12.99 / $17.84 CAD. Whether it's getting a European launch is unclear, though if you're keen to jump in, setting up eShop accounts for other regions is thankfully rather easy.

Will you be picking up Evil Inside? Let us know in the usual spot.

[source nintendoeverything.com]