Honestly, we quite like the intro to Fire Tonight that's on the Steam page, so let's start with that:

Maya and Devin are separated in a city on fire, in the year 1990, before cell phones or internet. They’re on their own, wondering about the choices that brought them here, how they met, and what the future might hold.

Cool! We vaguely remember the Time Before Mobile Phones - we recall a lot of worrying that our parents were dead and our parents worrying that we were dead if we didn't turn up to the after-school pick-up on time - so it sounds quite fun to have to navigate that world again.

Fire Tonight

Fire Tonight is one of very few games we can think of that are based on songs - in fact, the only other one we can conjure to mind is, of course, that the Mario series is based on that song by The Police. You know, the one that goes, "Maaaario. You don't have to put on that red hat. Punch those blocks for money..." and so on.

Fire Tonight is the name of a 1990 song by the band Information Society, and with lyrics like "Well, I remember what you said on the telephone / That you didn't feel like it was safe to stay alone" it serves as the inspiration behind the game.

Fire Tonight

Maya will be running, skating, training and parkouring her way through the city to get to Devin, and Devin, in the meantime, will be reminiscing about their time together by looking through mementos of their relationship in his apartment.

The game will come to Switch some time in Q2 (before July), so that gives us plenty of time to jam to the inspiration song while we wait. '90s synth pop! YEAH!