A fun fact about the Nintendo Life staff is that several of us have degrees in astrophysics. This is a definitely true fact, and please don't think too hard about why we decided to become video game journalists instead of working a highly paid NASA job. Having a great deal of knowledge about the workings of our solar system means that we get pretty riled up by all these games set in space, because very few of them actually depict what it's like out in the big wide universe.


Finally, Breathedge has got it right: not only does it show space as a very spooky, dark, and lonely place to be, it also is the only depiction of chickens in space we've ever seen. Not many people know this, but all astronauts have to legally take a chicken with them, and Breathedge even shows the ice-dispensing chicken bum that comes as standard.

Ok, but seriously: Breathedge is a first-person survival game set in space, in which you'll have to try to fix things, avoid things, solve a mystery, and not die. Pshh, easy. We've been doing that our whole lives.


Breathedge combines frights and funnies, too, with its mix of "oh no, everything is going horribly wrong" and "haha, those guys got squished by a giant TV". If you liked Alien: Isolation, but wished it had more irreverent body-horror comedy, this might be just what you're looking for.

Breathedge will be coming to Switch on the 6th April, so you won't have to... get this... hold your breath.