It's been three years since 2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL first arrived on Switch and since then, we've been left wondering whether the upcoming sequel Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER would follow suit. Initially telling us it had "nothing to announce" last year for Switch, MidBoss has finally given us that confirmation.

Previously revealed in 2019 for other platforms, this recent update comes via Famitsu, who also confirmed NEURODIVER is now targeting a Q1 2022 release date.

You can find an outline on what to expect below:

Read Only Memories: Neurodiver, the next mystery adventure set in the world of MidBoss’ 2064: Read Only Memories. Return to the vibrant cyberpunk world of Neo-San Francisco from 2064: Read Only Memories, filled with friendly and familiar faces including Jess Meas, the gene-spliced, hybrid lawyer, TOMCAT, the notorious hacker, and Lexi Rivers, former police officer turned private eye. Take on the role of ES88, a telepath with the ability to delve into memories employed by MINERVA, a powerful organization specializing in neurotechnology and extrasensory projection phenomena.

Tasked with tracking down the Golden Butterfly, a naturally gifted psychic on the loose and wreaking havoc through the subconscious minds of Neo-San Francisco, by using the Neurodiver to search the memories in which it hides. Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER’s Deep Dive mechanic enables ES88 to identify, manipulate, and unlock information, though overuse can irreparably corrupt her target’s memory. Neurodiver will introduce new characters, locations, and mechanics, including the ability to dive into and change other characters’ memories, as well as overhauled art and an unsolved case to crack with multiple endings.

We quite enjoyed 2064 back in 2018, awarding it 8/10 stars, so we're looking forward to seeing how Midboss has built upon it. It's not available for Switch but, if you've got a competent PC, you can download the "Pilot Memory" demo now via Steam or the Epic Games Store.

Excited for this 2064 sequel? Will you be trying out the demo? Let us know.