Switch Tales From The Borderlands Screenshot Rhys Jack 02

After reappearing on Xbox and PlayStation stores earlier today, it seems that Tales From The Borderlands is finally bringing Telltale Games back from the dead - well, sort of. It seems like it's now in the hands of publisher 2K and Borderlands dev Gearbox, and that somehow means it's coming to Switch.

With piles of rave reviews and even a few awards under its belt, the narrative branching adventure features down-on-his-luck Hyperion employee Rhys (voiced by Troy Baker), his nasty boss Hugo (Patrick Warburton) and his new con artist friend Fiona (Laura Bailey), as Rhys and Fiona attempt to find the riches within one of Borderlands' Vaults in separately-controlled stories.

Switch Tales From The Borderlands Screenshot Felix Fiona

The five-episode game will be out on Switch all at once on the 24th of March.