Most deckbuilding games are about biffing your opponents with various card-based attacks. The Amazing American Circus is instead about impressing your audience with incredible card-based feats of strength, acrobatics, and clownery.

Set in a 19th century American circus during the decline of the Wild West, the game aims to tackle various historical intrigues, from the social inequality of the time to the bizarre folklore told through travelling carnivals.

The Amazing American Circus
Image: Juggler Games

If this is giving you elements of The Greatest Showman and The Prestige (side note: Hugh Jackman loves playing magicians, doesn't he?) then you'd be right: The Amazing American Circus contains both historical and fictional characters from American folklore, from Nikola Tesla and Susan B. Anthony to P. T. Barnum himself, who functions as your main rival.

It seems like the developer, Juggler Games, is interested in portraying the full depth of America's rich and diverse history, with Native American folklore, immigrant stories, and the effects of the 19th Century socio-political atmosphere on the lives of those at the circus all being part of the game's story and setting.

The Amazing American Circus' Kickstarter was launched a couple of days ago, with a goal of 10,000 Euro (~£8,750), but the release date across PC and consoles is already set for May 20th, 2021.

Does this game sound like something you'd enjoy, or are you just too big of a PT Barnum fan to listen to this slander? Give us your thoughts below.