Pokemon Red Game Boy Box Art

The social media experiment allowing you to play the Game Boy classic Pokémon Red Version inside someone's Twitter avatar appears to have suffered a major blow. Prior to this, it had been relatively smooth sailing. Earlier this month the Soul Badge was acquired and more recently the Volcano Badge was earned.

In a new update from just hours ago, it seems Twitter has now lost five (of six) of its main Pokémon. While a number of trainers slept, a group of troublemakers, referring to in the tweet as "Team Rocket", decided to release the majority of the party back into the wild. As highlighted by Twitter user @FrankeDavi, a Level 41 Kadabra was saved:

"some a******s released most of our team while we were asleep, we did manage to save kadabra at the last second"

This could easily set progress back weeks, if not even longer as Twitter must now train up additional Pokémon in order to continue the journey. It seems this whole thing might not be so easy after all. Did you see something this coming? Are you at all surprised? Leave a comment down below.

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